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Registering for the members-only website

You need to be a financial member and register before you can access the members-only website.

You need three things to start:

  1. Username.  You choose whatever you like, as long as it consists of letters and numbers only; no spaces or symbols. It is case sensitive.
  2. Password. It must be between 5 and 20 characters long and is case sensitive.  It is good practice to include at least one upper case letter, number and symbol (!, $ % etc) but this is not enforced.  Never use the same password that you use somewhere else.
  3. Email address. Many people have more than one email address. You need to use the one that is recorded with the Society. (That is how we confirm that you are entitled to login). Newly registered members may have to wait for a few days while records are updated.   

Once you have these three things, proceed to the register/login page. Make sure Register is selected and not Login
Enter your three details (password twice) and press Register.  You will be sent an email which would normally arrive in one or two minutes time.
Once you click the link in that email your registration will be completed and you can return to the login page.

New members will need to wait a few days until their registration has been fully processed.

If you ever forget your password (or username) you can use the Forgot Password? link on the login screen to reset it.

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