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My Stories: Submission

My Stories is a Tasmanian Family History Society initiative to provide a web space for both our members and for non-members to publish short stories about their ancestors. It is an-going service; there is no time limit on when stories may be submitted.

The story should be no more than 1500 words.  The ancestors should be Tasmanian or at least have a Tasmanian connection.

The story may be about a single ancestor or a couple.   There is no limit on the number of separate stories which may be submitted for publication.

Please supply an appropriate photo, if possible, as a separate attachment (not embedded in a document), preferably in high resolution. No more than two photos per story.

There are no strict editorial standards and while full, formal referencing is not required, major referencing is important. These guidelines will help you to produce a story which is easy to read and, most importantly, interesting for others.

You can directly upload your completed story in word processing or PDF format along with one or two pictures below.  It will not appear on the website until it has been reviewed and published. Alternatively, you could complete this template and email it to the web manager.

Please complete the following form:

First name:

Last name:

Your display name for web page:

Your TFHS Inc. member number: (Enter 0 if a non-member)

Email address:

Story title:

Family names related to this story: (used for  searching)

Where more information may be found. Could be a book or web site

Once you have completed this form you will be able to upload your file(s).  If you experience difficulties you can always email them to the web manager.

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