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Section 1: Privacy Details

As a new member, contact details will be published in the journal Tasmanian Ancestry together with your research interests.
If you wish your contact details to remain private you must tick this box and understand that your research interests will not be published in any Tasmanian Family History Society Inc. publication.

Section 2: Personal Details

Second member. Only if a joint application

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By indicating here you apply to be a member and agree to abide by the Rules and By-Laws of the Tasmanian Family History Society Inc.

Section 5 Membership Details

Please choose Type of Membership. Annual Fees apply from 1 April each year.





The Society functions entirely by the efforts of voluntary workers. Assistance is optional but very much welcomed. Examples of areas you may be able to assist are: library duties, typing or computer work, proof reading, checking, indexing, transcription of headstones, research etc. If any Tasmanian members would like to assist in some way please indicate here:

Section 6: Research Interests

The Society may publish each year an index of persons being researched by members, to enable any person to contact another who is researching the same family, to share information and avoid duplication of research and expense. Each member is invited to submit up to six names for inclusion. With permission, new members’ interests are also printed in the society’s journal and will also appear on the Society’s website.

Accuracy in spelling of surnames and place names is essential. Should a family have more than one way of spelling a surname each should be listed as a separate name. Please use Chapman Codes (preferred standard) for State, County and Country, or write each word in full.

There are many duplicate place names in the world, please indicate fully, town and country (e.g. Devonport TAS AUS. Devonport DEV ENG)

Joint members are entitled to six Interests each. If you run out of space please email additional details to the Membership Registrar after your membership has been processed.

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Submit details and proceed to payment.  Amount due is fee as above in Section 5 plus any donation.

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