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Society Sales

Tasmanian Family History Society Inc. publications
Payment by Visa or MasterCard - now available (mail order only)

Mail orders (including postage) should be forwarded to:

The Society Sales Officer
PO Box 326
Rosny Park
Australia 7018

All prices in Australian dollars.

        Van Diemen's Land Heritage Index, Vol 3 (p&p $8.55)       $10.00  
        Van Diemen's Land Heritage Index, Vol 4 (p&p $8.55) $10.00  
        Van Diemen's Land Heritage Index, Vol 5 (p&p $8.55) $10.00  
        Tasmanian Ancestry Index Volumes 1-20 (p&p $8.55) $15.00**  
        Tasmanian Ancestry Index Volumes 21-25 (p&p $8.55) $15.00**  
        Tasmanian Ancestry Index Volumes 26-30 (p&p $8.55) $25.00**  
        Tasmanian Ancestry Index Volumes 31-35 (p&p $8.55) $25.00**  
        School Days, School Days  Betty Jones (p&p $8.55) $30.00**  
          (p&p $14.55 for 2-6 books) 

**Members' discount applies.

         TAMIOT (p&p $8.55) $50.00  
         Tasmanian Ancestry: Vols 1─20, Jun 1980─Mar 2000 [DVD] (p&p $8.55)
              Single-user licence [Individuals, Family History Societies] $50.00
              Multiple-user licence [Libraries, Family History Societies with servers etc.] $75.00
Tasmanian Ancestry as individual issues - see Journal page

Branch Sales

Most branches of the Society also have a number of publications available for sale.
For further details contact each branch.

Branches with web-sites:




Burnie Branch: contact the branch at the address on this page.

 Burnie, Hobart and Mersey branches also have Facebook pages.

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