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Tasmanian Family History Society, Inc. Award
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The Award
This Award is presented to members and others who have given meritorious service to the society.  It and the Fellowship Award were commenced in 1995.  The Fellowship Award was discontinued in June 2002 and at the same time the Meritorious Service Award became known as the Tasmanian Family History Society, Inc. Award.

Past Winners

The following list gives the name of the recipient, the branch they belonged to at the time, and the year in which the award was presented at the AGM.



Lilian Watson, Hobart, 1995

Neil Chick, Hobart, 1999

David Harris, Devonport, 2000

Denise McNeice, Hobart, 2000

The Fellowship Award was discontinued in June 2002.


Meritorious Service Award:

Joyce O'Shea, Hobart, 1996

Frank O'Shea, Hobart,1996

Pat Harris, Launceston, 1996

Merle Fitzmaurice, Devonport, 1997

Audrey Hudspeth, Hobart, 1997

Theo Sharples, Hobart, 1997

John Grunnell, Launceston, 1997

Thelma Grunnell, Launceston, 1997

Anne Bartlett, Launceston, 1997

Vernice Dudman, Burnie 1998

Irene Schaffer, Hobart, 1998

Jean McKenzie, Hobart, 1998

Bet Wood, Launceston, 1998

Dawn Collins, Burnie, 1999

P V (Villy) Scott, Burnie, 1999

Morris Lansdell, Hobart, 1999

Thelma McKay, Hobart, 1999

James Wall, Hobart, 1999

Alma Ranson, Launceston, 1999

Betty Calverley, Launceston, 1999

Doug Forrest, Burnie, 2000

Isobel Harris, Devonport, 2000

Allen Wilson, Hobart, 2000

Sandra Duck, Launceston, 2000

Betty Bissett, Launceston, 2000

Muriel Bissett, Launceston, 2000

Helen Anderson, Devonport, 2001

Louise Richardson, Devonport, 2001

Maree Ring, Hobart, 2001

Jenny Gill, Launceston, 2001

Geoff Rapley, Launceston, 2001


TFHS Inc. Awards (name change):

Margaret Strempel, Burnie, 2003

Suzanne Loughran, Burnie, 2003

John Dare, Devonport, 2003

Audrey Trebilco, Devonport, 2003

Rosemary Davidson, Hobart, 2003

Glenn Burt, Launceston, 2003

Shirley (Betty) Fletcher, Huon, 2005

R Alan Leighton, Launceston, 2005

Anne Hay, Hobart, 2006

Leonie Mickleborough, Hobart, 2006

Cynthia O'Neill, Hobart, 2006

Colleen Read, Hobart, 2006

Beverley Richardson, Hobart, 2006

Bryce Ward, Hobart, 2006

Marjorie Jacklyn, Hobart, 2007

Vee Maddock, Hobart, 2007

Joyce Purtscher, Hobart, 2007

Maurice Appleyard, Hobart, 2007

Leo Prior, Hobart, 2008

Kathy Bluhm, Hobart, 2008

Werner Bluhm, Hobart, 2008First non-member to receive the award

Coralie Mesecke, Huon, 2008

Judith De Jong, Launceston, 2008

Barrie Robinson, Launceston, 2008

Helen Stuart, Launceston, 2008

Elaine Garwood, Devonport, 2009

Anita Swan, Launceston, 2009

Judith Cocker, Burnie, 2010

Helen Anderson, Devonport, 2010 — Award for Continuous Meritorious Service (Award previously presented in 2001)

Glenice Brauman, Devonport, 2010

Rosie Marshall, Devonport, 2010

Brenda Richardson Hobart, 2010

Judith Whish-Wilson, Launceston, 2010

Julie Kapeller, Hobart, 2012

Dianne Snowden, Hobart, 2012

Peter Cocker, Burnie, 2013

Brian Hortle, Hobart, 2014

Robert Tanner, Hobart, 2015

Peter Astley-Bogg, 2016

Betty and Muriel Bissett, 2017 —  President's Memorandum of Appreciation  (Award previously presented in 2000)

Judith Mudaliar, 2019


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