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Tasmanian Ancestry is the Journal of the Tasmanian Family History Society, Inc., which was originally known as the Genealogical Society of Tasmania. It was first published in June 1980 shortly after the formation of the society.

Each page of the earlier volumes was scanned at 600dpi, saved as a “tiff” file, then converted to “pdf”.  Later volumes were digitised directly from the editor’s copy for the printer. Please note that the method of printing originally used for Volumes 1 to 4 makes searching the “pdf” files of these earlier editions not as reliable as we would like.

Tasmanian Ancestry is published as one volume per year, normally with four editions per volume. Volume 1 had only three issues. Volume 9 had five issues to bring the journal into line with the membership year. Volume 12 also had five issues. Two of these were numbered ‘1’. One of these was a special issue for the AFFHO Congress in Launceston and this is referred to here as ‘1a’.

The pages in Volume 4 Number 1 were incorrectly numbered as 153 to 188 instead of 1 to 36. This error was referred to in Volume 4 Number 2 page 38.

The first four volumes were produced as size B5, that is, 176mm by 250mm, then from Volume 5 on they were produced as size A5, that is, 148mm by 210mm. These sizes have been maintained in these files.

Please note that many of the postal addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers may no longer be current. Always check before using any which may be found in these documents.

If you wish to print an article, please note that the page numbers in the pdf file may differ from the page numbers in the journal. Carefully select pages to print! The default is to print the whole file.

These files are fully searchable using Adobe Reader. But note that searching for ‘SMITH’, for example, will find any word containing those letters, such as ‘Smith’, ‘Smithton’, ‘blacksmith’, ‘gunsmiths’, etc.

We have started adding older journals to our web site.  It is hoped to add more as time permits.  The first twenty volumes are available as a DVD.  See Society Sales.

In deference to our current members, the most recent three volumes (twelve editions) will not be available online.

September, 2018

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